Good cash loans for companies

Every company needs to invest in its development to grow. This can be, for example, an investment in new equipment, machines and technologies, or in raising the qualifications of your employees. All this, however, requires adequate resources, and not all companies are able to make these investments with own funds held in a given period. That is why one of the good forms of financing various types of business ventures are cash loans for companies. In addition to typical investment loans, companies can also use revolving loans. These types of loans are used to finance current operations and help to maintain financial liquidity.

Loans for companies

Loans for companies

The banks’ offer in this respect is also very wide, as is the case with individual clients. Loans for companies also differ in interest, installments or repayment times. In general, especially for investment loans, the amounts of such loans are larger because the needs of enterprises are generally greater. Generally, banks’ offers are often very diverse when it comes to the size of enterprises. For example, slightly different conditions will apply to micro-enterprises or persons conducting sole proprietorship, others for small and medium-sized enterprises, and others for large companies or corporations. Thanks to this, you can adjust the offer to the specifics and scale of a given investment, or simply the possibilities and needs of the company.

Obtain a loan

Obtain a loan

To obtain a loan, the company must meet the relevant conditions guaranteeing repayment of the loan. First of all, the overall financial situation of the enterprise must be relatively stable, as this will guarantee that in the future the enterprise will have adequate funds to repay its liabilities. The company’s assets, such as machinery and cars, can be used as collateral for the loan. Similarly to individuals, companies also need to have a good credit history, i.e. have previous commitments paid on time. In this case, the credit history is also available at the Credit Information Bureau. If you take out a loan to carry out some investments, you may need to have a business plan, although it is not always required, for example, for investments on a smaller scale, where smaller outlays are needed and the amount of the loan taken is smaller. Thanks to such a business plan, the bank can assess the chances of success of the venture, so the profitability of borrowing.

Despite the need to meet many conditions for obtaining a loan, dealing with the formalities associated with it does not have to be complicated and monotonous. More and more cases of this type can be dealt with online, even in a few minutes. This is particularly applicable with slightly smaller amounts. As a result, not only is it easier to get a loan, but the entrepreneur also saves his valuable time.

How Real Estate Agents Work and What to Know About Them

Nowadays, more than half of real estate buyers start searching for a house or flat via the Internet and end up working with a real estate agent.

However, just because the search for apartments starts online does not mean that buyers are not seeking help. In fact, as much as 52% of recently purchased real estate was purchased through a real estate agent or broker. These data come from the report “How Poles Buy Flats” published by Gumtree.

So how does a real estate agent work? What can we expect from him? Let’s look.

What can you require from a real estate agent?


Real estate agents go through the state course of the Polish Real Estate Federation and receive a license to participate in transactions on this market. A real estate agent can put properties up for sale, help buyers go through this process, show homes to potential buyers, and take care of the various transaction formalities.

Mostly, however, real estate agents are usually expected to sell the property they present. So if you sell, you expect a realtor to include your home in their ads. He should take attractive photos and publish them on the web.

Some real estate agents are sometimes unique buyers’ representatives. That is, they work only on behalf of those who want to buy. Thanks to this, you know that there will be no conflict of interest because the agent will not act on both sides of the transaction.

How can a real estate agent help you?

How can a real estate agent help you?

There are several things you can expect from a real estate agent:

  • Help in finding a lender who will be able to provide you with the initial decision to buy a home.
  • Help in finding a home that suits your needs.
  • Establishing contacts with professionals such as building inspectors and property appraisers.
  • Negotiating an offer on your behalf (regardless of whether you are buying or selling)
  • Communicating with other bidders during the sale
  • Help in getting through the mortgage loan process.
  • Advice on proper home valuation for sales.
  • Marketing of real estate on behalf of the seller.
  • Checking potential buyers
  • Attending home visits on behalf of sellers
  • Real estate agents generally represent their clients in the process of buying or selling real estate. Intermediaries cannot force you to do anything you don’t want to do. They still need to get your consent to proceed with the offers.

Why is it worth finding an experienced real estate agent?

Why is it worth finding an experienced real estate agent?

If you want to buy a house or need to sell your current property, this is the moment to use an experienced real estate agent. An inexperienced agent can cost you not only time and money, but unfortunately it can even put you at risk of losing a perfect transaction.

Many inexperienced agents leave because of money

The number one reason real estate agents leave the ranks of agents is that they don’t earn enough money. The median salary for a real estate agent in Poland is less than PLN 2,900 per month.

Although specialists advise new agents to store 6 to 12 monthly salaries in reserve, few listen to this advice. This industry seems to be very easy for outsiders, but real estate is complex and time consuming, and the average is usually not prepared to succeed in this business . Unfortunately, many of them find out about it after many months without payment.

Bank Equatorial Loan

Relieved by the pressure on me, I finally write about the Equatorial Loan of Pabest Bank. ?

This is a mortgage-based loan that can be used to buy a home, use it for free or buy a loan.

The big thrust of this is that the balance of your bank account opened with you is deducted up to a maximum of 70% of your loan’s current principal, so you only have to pay interest on the balance.

If you have a $ 10 million loan and a savings of $ 6 million, then the interest is calculated at only $ 4 million. Nevertheless, the normal monthly repayment is deducted and every six months the difference is accounted for so that the lower capital debt decreases the maturity rather than the monthly repayment.

This way, if you have enough savings in your account

This way, if you have enough savings in your account

Your maturity can be significantly shortened, which means you will have to pay less interest overall. (Logically).

In fact, if your payment arrives here, it will also reduce your monthly repayment until you spend it. (They look at your account balance on a daily basis.) True, for a ten million loan, a $ 200,000 payment only reduces the cost of the loan by 0.11%.

Who can benefit from this construction?

Who can benefit from this construction?

You might want to think about this arrangement if, for example, your income is not even because you have, say, a business. In such cases, we do not dare to commit to a higher fixed repayment and the shorter maturity involved. However, with this arrangement, you will be reduced in interest charges if the store is going well.

In the other case, we keep either the amount corresponding to our standard six-month living and the emergency reserve in this account, or other liquid resources that may be needed at any time, for example, in our business. With this method, we have not stripped off our trousers in a material sense, yet we do not have to pay the interest on the loan on our existing money.

It’s a little trick


The calculator on the Bank of Pabest page will be happy to calculate how much you will gain with the Equatorial Credit. If we borrow $ 10 million but have $ 4.5 million in our current account, then a 10-year loan will have 26 months of maturity and the APR of your loan will be only 3.44%.

Too good to be true? Well, yes, the calculator doesn’t count on the fact that we could invest that $ 4.5 million elsewhere, say at 5% interest. That’s why only such a fabulous THM value can come out. Because it projects interest on the total amount and forgets that the equity would be remunerated elsewhere, so you would not have to calculate a 0% return on equity.

Is it worth it?


As we have seen, product flexibility comes in handy in many cases, but how much do we gain from a competing offer?

At present, Pabest Bank offers a 6 month BUBOR + 4.65% home loan. (BUBOR is the interest rate on the interbank market, which is strongly linked to the central bank base rate.)

That is, the APR is currently 8.15%, which is recalculated every six months to reflect any changes in interbank rates.

For the sake of illustration, a competing bank can obtain the same home loan at a APR of 6.2%. (In case of a good debtor client.)

With these interest rates the monthly repayment of Pabest Bank will be HUF 84,579, the total interest expense over the term of HUF 10,299,188.

The competing offer is US $ 72.80 per month, with a total interest cost of US $ 7,472,405.

In other words, if you take a $ 84,579 repayment at a cheaper bank, we will pay off your credit in 15 years and 3 months, and your total interest expense will be only $ 5,485,582.

To achieve the same result, we need to keep 1.7 million in our Pabest Bank account! In this case, the two offers would be the same. And we haven’t talked about borrowing with that 1.7 million more than the competition, that is, it would be cheaper again, maybe with a 5% interest rate, our money would be $ 85,000 a year (before tax).

Cash or mortgage consolidation loan – comparison

Deploying your debts is a reasonable solution for people who are unable to pay all debts in a timely manner. So how do you decide on a cash or mortgage consolidation loan and what conditions must be met to get a positive credit decision?


Cash or mortgage consolidation loan – what is worth knowing?

Cash or mortgage consolidation loan - what is worth knowing?

Credit consolidation is a reliable help when the conditions of our current debt cease to be favorable for us. This may be due to the deterioration of the financial situation or reduced interest rates compared to the period when we took out the loan. For people who have fallen into a spiral of debt, a cash or mortgage consolidation loan is a great help. Combines all debts into one liability with a lower interest rate, with a reduced installment and one payment date. Reducing the amount of the monthly installment results in extending the loan period, and thus increasing the total costs of servicing the loan. Before we decide on a consolidation loan, the whole procedure will be preceded by a creditworthiness analysis – a positive credit decision means that the liabilities transferred to another bank can be repaid.


Mortgage or cash consolidation loan – what to choose?

Mortgage or cash consolidation loan - what to choose?

We divide consolidation loans into two categories – cash and mortgage. The cash consolidation loan has a low interest rate as in the case of other cash liabilities. However, the loan period is getting longer. In addition, the consolidation cash loan is not charged with an overpayment or early repayment fee. It has no real estate collateral and the repayment period can be extended to a maximum of 144 months.

A consolidated mortgage loan also has a low interest rate. This is associated with a high price for total costs, which are unavoidable with approximately 30 years of liabilities additionally secured by the property. In addition, with a mortgage consolidation loan, it is worth remembering a possible early repayment commission that applies during the first years of lending. You should also add other costs related to starting the consolidation – a fee for the valuation of the property, for re-entering the mortgage in the land and mortgage register, and a commission that the bank may charge when starting a new loan. Regardless of whether you decide on a cash or mortgage consolidation loan, it is good to get familiar with the current financial situation in advance and use e.g. the creditworthiness calculator.


A positive credit decision and a favorable solution

A positive credit decision and a favorable solution

Loan consolidation is an ideal solution especially for people who know that in the near future they will not be able to cope with regular repayment of all their liabilities. The procedure is not complicated – the most important is a positive credit decision , thanks to which we will be able to spread the repayment over a longer period and on more favorable terms. Therefore, it is worth analyzing your financial situation in advance and focusing on the solutions offered by a cash or mortgage consolidation loan .

Cash loan insurance

Bank customers often wonder if cash loan insurance is profitable. However, they rarely really know what such insurance guarantees and how much it costs them. Banks very often either have compulsory insurance on their cash offer or voluntary insurance, but in the latter case, often using insurance results, for example, in lowering the margin or commission. Here you will find a cheap cash loan ranking check before you choose a loan for yourself.

Banks encourage their clients to take out credit insurance suggesting that in case of illness or financial difficulties, the insurer will help repay the loan. Is it really true though?

What is cash loan insurance?

What is <a href=cash loan insurance?” />

Credit insurance is to be the bank’s collateral in the event that the borrower is unable to repay the liability. These are situations that are independent of the borrower, such as serious illness, death or job loss. This is our insurance, but it will mainly protect the bank’s interests.

However, we should remember that the insurer will not allow himself an unjustified claim, and this will be when our illness does not cause full disability. Insurance is a good insurance in case of death. It is not about the fact that if we die, we should take care of posthumous repayment of the loan. The point is that our debts are inherited by our heirs, so such insurance will protect our loved ones from the unpleasant situation in which they will have to pay our debts. When deciding to buy insurance only because the bank offers us a lower margin or commission in return, you need to think about whether the insurance costs will be greater than the profits generated in this way.

General insurance Conditions

General insurance Conditions

Before signing the loan insurance agreement, let’s get acquainted with the General Insurance Terms and Conditions, because they are an integral part of the agreement or policy. The general terms and conditions of insurance contain all information regarding each situation that will be subject to the insurance claim. Insurance against loss of life usually excludes the situation of suicidal death, but also as a result of driving a car under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants or without a valid technical inspection or even without a permit. It also excludes the situation of loss of life as a result of not following the recommended treatment, i.e. by euthanasia.

Insurance against job loss reserves the situation of loss of employment through your own fault. It follows that the loan is not insured if the contract is terminated by the borrower or by mutual agreement of the parties. Only a situation in which the employer dismisses without giving a reason or as a result of a reduction in full-time jobs is subject to such insurance. Health insurance also has a lot of exclusions. As a rule, each insurer gives a list of diseases that you need to get sick for the insurance to work and, unfortunately, these are the most serious diseases known to medicine.

How Much Money Should You Earn $ 1,000 Per Month In Passive Income?

Passive Income is a type of income that does not need to work in theory, because the money or the work done in the short term makes money for you. Types of passive income are varied: rent, royalties, deposits, investments and even money lent to acquaintances or someone else. $ 1,000 a month in Latvia would be high enough because they are well above the average wage level. Such money can be earned on active income by working on a highly qualified or professional qualification. Can such a regular amount of money be earned through passive income? The answer is yes, but the type of passive income and the amount of money that circulates at this source of income are very important. So the differences are in the form of passive income sources.


The first could be the rental options

The first could be the rental options

Earning 1000 dollars a month with renting could be a very difficult task. If it is just one property, it must definitely be very valuable, but most likely it would be used by the owner himself or the customers would be wealthy to buy their own home. Thus, the more realistic option is for a landlord to own several apartments or other types of living space. Then the income would come from several tenants and could make up to 1000 dollars per month. Only this could be considered as a partially active job, as these living quarters must also be managed and depreciated over time.


The next type of passive income is royalties

save money

This income can be obtained, for example, from a written book. If it is actively purchased by people who want to read this work, it is possible to earn money by writing books. Only book sales will never be stable, as this product will no longer be up to date and the writer may have to work on a new job. Depending on sales, $ 1,000 is a real income option. But here is the problem of the irregularity and quantity of income. This would certainly not be the safest option for passive income.


A savings deposit is much safer

A savings deposit is much safer

This deposit is the transfer of money to the deposit account and the receipt of income from the interest calculated from the size of the investment. The more money you invest, the higher your earnings. The interest rate is usually around 3-5%, which is obviously not very much. Taking into account the average interest rate of 4%, you can calculate how much money you would need to invest to get $ 1,000 a month. Such an interest rate would require $ 25 thousand. Such money is not pocketed by any consumer and it is not easy to earn that amount of money. However, if you are satisfied with this amount of income, this is the most reliable and stable source of passive income.


Another source of passive income is investment

Another source of passive income is investment

Investments pay around 5-10%. In terms of profit, this is a much more beneficial source of passive income for the deposit, but the investment also has a risk factor. Namely, the value of the company’s shares may fall and the money you invest is lost because these shares will no longer be sold at a sufficiently high price. The best option would be to invest money in stable and large companies with financial stability. Such investments would definitely pay off in the long run. The amount of money you invest depends on the investor, but to make the money really pay off and earn as much as $ 1,000 a month, you need a very large amount of money – at least $ 10,000.

Interesting proposition regarding cash loan


Cash loan

Cash loan

Today, the cash loan tempts nothing, after all the terms of the contract are attractive, so it is difficult to pass by indifferently. You have to know that every customer has their own expectations, it depends on him what offer he chooses. See for an example

There is a lot to choose from, namely a loan for any purpose, an overdraft facility and a credit card, which is also classified as cash loans. A contract is concluded with the bank, the person collecting the set amount becomes the so-called borrower, that is, he has his obligations, namely to regulate the entire debt within a specified period and under certain conditions. When this mature approach to the topic is guaranteed and complete satisfaction. It is recommended to analyze all offers and make the right decision.

These days are tempting when it comes to cash loans, because it is very popular for any purpose. It’s hard to go past him without comment because he has interesting conditions. The main thing here is that you do not need to explain anything, because you can allocate the funds to everything you like. Of course, when it comes to money, you should be aware that safety is the most important thing, which is why a blank promissory note, third party surety and insurance certificate. The latter is an additional argument for getting a loan, because the credibility of the customer in the eyes of the banking institution increases.

Loan purpose

Loan purpose

As everyone can use the loan for any purpose, seniors are also interested. The protection in this case is a certificate from ZUS and the last pension cut. There was not yet such a proposal that you could spend money on your dream trip or a general renovation of the apartment, I can do nothing but examine this offer carefully, because it is profitable. The credit card is also a tempting offer, ideal for those who prefer to protect themselves, freeze their funds so that they can be withdrawn without any problems if necessary. The protection for both parties is a certain limit, i.e. there is no such risk of debt.

When it comes to the cost of maintaining the card, they are really cheap, so virtually anyone can choose it. The cash loan has various grounds, namely you can use an existing account as in the case of a current account loan. In this case, the history is checked to answer the key question whether the client is reliable and does not hide any debts. If everything is OK, then the transfer is carried out.

Negative interest also on loans – is this really possible?

In the investment area, the horror version of negative interest rates is spreading to more and more investors. Due to the fact that the European Central Bank has reduced the key interest rates to exactly zero percent meanwhile, some banks are already beginning to demand punitive interest in the form of negative interest rates from their major customers for higher account balances.

What may become a kind of nightmare for investors, on the other hand, could of course lead to loan seekers that the banks may also rate there in the future, low interest rates. In fact, there is already an offer on the market from a well-known furniture retailer, which includes negative interest rates in the lending sector.

Pay installments and receive interest?

Pay installments and receive interest?

For many years, many German citizens have known that they have to pay interest on borrowing when they take out a loan or when they agree to installment payments. Now, however, there is the offer of a well-known furniture retailer, which provides quite offensive a so-called negative interest financing.

In concrete terms, this means that the customer must make a payment installment agreement with the dealer paying an interest rate of -1.0 percent, which in effect will receive interest at the rate of 1.0 percent. However, what initially looks like a low interest rate is in practice nothing more than a typical zero-percent financing, which is provided with a price discount of one percent.

This becomes clear when you take a closer look at the financial construction


In fact, when it comes to the credit of interest, in effect, the targeted percent, this is not from the lending bank, but instead the percent is paid in retrospect by the furniture retailer.

Ultimately, the negative interest financing is more about clever marketing, because ultimately there is a typical and in the past often criticized zero-percent financing behind.

Even though the furniture retailer’s offer is not really a loan agreement with negative interest rates, many consumers are still wondering if there can be “real” credit offers with negative interest rates in the near future.

Negative interest rates in the credit sector become reality in the future?

Negative interest rates in the credit sector become reality in the future?

Experts, however, assume that it is relatively unlikely that larger banks are actually not only lending for free, but also credit the customer interest.

This is supported, for example, by the fact that interest surpluses are one of the banks’ most important sources of income. However, if banks were to pay interest to the client not only for investments but also for loans, interest as a source of revenue would be almost completely eliminated. Therefore, even loan seekers should not necessarily hope for future lending rates on lending, but instead compare offers and, for example, conclude loans at lower interest rates of four or less percent.

Break up with him! He wants your money!

Even 1/3 of adult Poles are stuck in toxic relationships with banks that last for years! It is estimated that several dozen percent of personal account holders established many years ago (even a dozen or so years ago) agree to ill-treatment and put loyalty above common sense.

Bankers don’t even try to hide their intentions. They call their loyal partners without being beaten by “old package owners”. Being the owner of the “old package” usually means naively paying for things that have long been free.

10 things for which bank account customers overpay


Here is a list of only selected fees charged to the holder of the “old package” at one of the largest banks:

  1. for keeping the account – 6.90 PLN
  2. for access to the account via the Internet – PLN 2
  3. for a transfer carried out at a bank branch – PLN 5
  4. for a transfer via a telephone service – PLN 3
  5. for a transfer to another bank via the website – 0.70 PLN
  6. for modification of a standing order – PLN 4
  7. for changing an account from an individual to a joint one (and vice versa) – PLN 30
  8. for sending a reminder related to an unacceptable debit – PLN 30
  9. for a large-value transfer to an account in another bank – PLN 20
  10. finally: for changing the “package” to another (less expensive) – PLN 50

The most expensive promotion and “making the customer happy”

The most expensive promotion and "making the customer happy"

The above list could be longer. We know the case of a bank customer who was charged PLN 100 each year for a credit limit of several thousand (he never used it). The limit was pressed into a small print (when setting up an account). It was supposed to be for free. Indeed – he was, but only in the first year.

Later it cost the said PLN 100. Such an unceremonious “haircut” had to end in divorce with a big bang. The described owner of the “old package” completely gave up the services of the bank (it was a large, serious financial institution), and posted an entry on the network under the meaningful title “My most expensive loan in my life, which I never took”.

It also happens that even quite hostile account conditions are not given once and for all, and banks are trying to change them for … even worse. Customers (mainly holders of “old packages”) of one of the leading banks have just been informed about the changes planned for this autumn. The account maintenance fee will increase by PLN 1; you will have to pay PLN 3 more each year for a debit card; finally, the price is PLN 5 more, establishing a power of attorney in the event of death …

Take a divorce with your bank


Instead of waiting for the worst we advise you to change the bank (here you will find the most interesting bank account offers along with the ranking). Such a divorce is very possible and not difficult at all. We can transfer the account to another financial institution, or set up a new account in another bank, and the expensive “old package” simply cancel.

The ongoing “mobile revolution” (it has also reached banks) is a good time for such decisions. Banks offer not only free, but also “earning” accounts supported by smartphones (for example this proposal by mBank). It is worth analyzing the offers of mobile bills.

Uberisation of the economy: what is the place of new real estate?

Our economic market is changing faster and faster with the strength of the internet. Uberization is what we could replace with a slightly barbarous word: disruptive, meaning “change the existing codes, shorten the chain between the user and the creator of the product”.

The web more and more at the service of individuals


We have seen in the world of credit, individuals or businesses, taxis, hostels, rental housing …. The names of these companies have entered our everyday language: The common pot … The words “uberisation” and “crowfunding” are almost part of our dictionary! The new economy is shaking our lives.

It is finally the same for the purchase in new real estate, too long locked by dusty habits: you can not have a plan, or exact price, if you do not give your coordinates!

The example of Good Finance in the real estate sector

On the real estate portals you can not have immediate access to the essential elements to make your choice: plan, exact price, benefits, precise situation … It is necessary to give your coordinates, before knowing if the accommodation will correspond to your waitings, the risk of being harassed by sellers, or being flooded with enamel.

How to choose your new home, without running the sales offices and wait to receive the plans, prices, availability?

Many marketing studies show that Internet users want to have a pleasant experience on the internet, and having to register before having the requested information is a drag.

The french Startup Good Finance conjugated all these needs and gathered on one site, all the necessary information by lodging, without registration. Good Finance also had the good idea, to put decision-making tools: a map with points of interest, a simulator and a comparator.

How does this Direct Promoter Online Appointment Service work?


Good Finance directly links promoters and acquirers via an online agenda. The user can search for his new home, compare it to other choices, buy it after an appointment taken online.