MonthSeptember 2019

Uberisation of the economy: what is the place of new real estate?

Our economic market is changing faster and faster with the strength of the internet. Uberization is what we could replace with a slightly barbarous word: disruptive, meaning “change the existing codes, shorten the chain between the user and the creator of the product”.

The web more and more at the service of individuals


We have seen in the world of credit, individuals or businesses, taxis, hostels, rental housing …. The names of these companies have entered our everyday language: The common pot … The words “uberisation” and “crowfunding” are almost part of our dictionary! The new economy is shaking our lives.

It is finally the same for the purchase in new real estate, too long locked by dusty habits: you can not have a plan, or exact price, if you do not give your coordinates!

The example of Good Finance in the real estate sector

On the real estate portals you can not have immediate access to the essential elements to make your choice: plan, exact price, benefits, precise situation … It is necessary to give your coordinates, before knowing if the accommodation will correspond to your waitings, the risk of being harassed by sellers, or being flooded with enamel.

How to choose your new home, without running the sales offices and wait to receive the plans, prices, availability?

Many marketing studies show that Internet users want to have a pleasant experience on the internet, and having to register before having the requested information is a drag.

The french Startup Good Finance conjugated all these needs and gathered on one site, all the necessary information by lodging, without registration. Good Finance also had the good idea, to put decision-making tools: a map with points of interest, a simulator and a comparator.

How does this Direct Promoter Online Appointment Service work?


Good Finance directly links promoters and acquirers via an online agenda. The user can search for his new home, compare it to other choices, buy it after an appointment taken online.

Internet loan.


Loan via internet

Loan via internet

Our everyday life is becoming simpler and many formalities that we could once have completed only by visiting certain institutions, can now be completed through the Internet. Banks have also introduced such facilities for their current and future customers.

They offer financial services such as cash loans, deposits and many more via the Internet. All necessary formalities that must be completed are simplified to a minimum so as to save as much time as possible. In everyday life we ​​have more and more responsibilities and for many of us a visit to the bank, and yet the possible need to stand in a long queue is impossible to realize. Go here and choose the best offer.

That is why the banks came up with simplified procedures to facilitate the daily lives of their clients and grant cash loans for any purpose without leaving home. More and more people take advantage of online credit appreciating the simplicity of formalities and the speed with which an application is processed.

online cash

online cash

The credit decision is made very quickly, within a few minutes we will know if we can enjoy the extra money on our bank account. When using the online cash loan for the first time, we will be happy to use this simplified procedure in the following times. Loans via the Internet are very simplified procedures, there is no requirement to submit any certificates and physical documents. The bank verifies the data by verifying our bank account, it is done in such a way that a small amount – usually it is one penny transfer from our account to the account provided by the bank. The data contained in the bank transfer must be identical to those provided in the loan application.

Banks are outdoing themselves in promotional cash loans. Online cash loans are often promoted and their interest rates are reduced to the benefit of future borrowers. There are cash loans concluded via the Internet for a specific purpose, for example to finance winter holidays. In this case, it is enough that upon arrival we present documents confirming the stay at the wintering grounds.

Foreign currency loans – Good Finance Real Estate Leasing claim rejected at first instance

Good Finance Real Estate Leasing’s foreign currency claim against the Hungarian state was rejected by the Metropolitan General Court on Friday at first instance.

According to the decision


An appeal may be lodged against the judgment within 8 days of service. The court also ordered the plaintiff financial institution to pay the defendant a modest litigation fee of HUF 635,000 within 15 days. The Judge-Rapporteur recalled in Friday’s announcement that the court had raised constitutional concerns about the law on foreign currency loans applicable to the lawsuit and therefore referred the matter to the Constitutional Court (Ab) in September.

However, according to Ab, there is no conflict with the Basic Law, and this is how Good Finance Real Estate Leasing’s claim came back.

Financial institution’s claim because certain contractual clauses did not fall 

Financial institution

The court dismissed the plaintiff’s financial institution’s claim because certain contractual clauses did not fall within the scope of the Act or did not comply with the principles set forth in the Act. According to the court, there are concerns about the harmonization of the law on foreign currency loans with EU law. In this connection, it may be necessary to interpret certain provisions of EU law, such as Directive 93/13 / EEC, the judge said.

The quality of the Hungarian state to be subject to this lawsuit

The quality of the Hungarian state to be subject to this lawsuit

He added that, according to the Tribunal, it was necessary to wait for Ab’s decision on the quality of the Hungarian state to be subject to this lawsuit before going to the European Court of Justice. After that, there will be higher-level judicial forums in the position to decide whether to go to the European Court of Justice.

He added that the preliminary ruling procedure could even be initiated by the Court of First Instance. Following the announcement of the decision, the applicant’s legal representative told MTI that he was planning an appeal in the case.