Break up with him! He wants your money!

Break up with him! He wants your money!

Even 1/3 of adult Poles are stuck in toxic relationships with banks that last for years! It is estimated that several dozen percent of personal account holders established many years ago (even a dozen or so years ago) agree to ill-treatment and put loyalty above common sense.

Bankers don’t even try to hide their intentions. They call their loyal partners without being beaten by “old package owners”. Being the owner of the “old package” usually means naively paying for things that have long been free.

10 things for which bank account customers overpay


Here is a list of only selected fees charged to the holder of the “old package” at one of the largest banks:

  1. for keeping the account – 6.90 PLN
  2. for access to the account via the Internet – PLN 2
  3. for a transfer carried out at a bank branch – PLN 5
  4. for a transfer via a telephone service – PLN 3
  5. for a transfer to another bank via the website – 0.70 PLN
  6. for modification of a standing order – PLN 4
  7. for changing an account from an individual to a joint one (and vice versa) – PLN 30
  8. for sending a reminder related to an unacceptable debit – PLN 30
  9. for a large-value transfer to an account in another bank – PLN 20
  10. finally: for changing the “package” to another (less expensive) – PLN 50

The most expensive promotion and “making the customer happy”

The most expensive promotion and "making the customer happy"

The above list could be longer. We know the case of a bank customer who was charged PLN 100 each year for a credit limit of several thousand (he never used it). The limit was pressed into a small print (when setting up an account). It was supposed to be for free. Indeed – he was, but only in the first year.

Later it cost the said PLN 100. Such an unceremonious “haircut” had to end in divorce with a big bang. The described owner of the “old package” completely gave up the services of the bank (it was a large, serious financial institution), and posted an entry on the network under the meaningful title “My most expensive loan in my life, which I never took”.

It also happens that even quite hostile account conditions are not given once and for all, and banks are trying to change them for … even worse. Customers (mainly holders of “old packages”) of one of the leading banks have just been informed about the changes planned for this autumn. The account maintenance fee will increase by PLN 1; you will have to pay PLN 3 more each year for a debit card; finally, the price is PLN 5 more, establishing a power of attorney in the event of death …

Take a divorce with your bank


Instead of waiting for the worst we advise you to change the bank (here you will find the most interesting bank account offers along with the ranking). Such a divorce is very possible and not difficult at all. We can transfer the account to another financial institution, or set up a new account in another bank, and the expensive “old package” simply cancel.

The ongoing “mobile revolution” (it has also reached banks) is a good time for such decisions. Banks offer not only free, but also “earning” accounts supported by smartphones (for example this proposal by mBank). It is worth analyzing the offers of mobile bills.

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